Eco-friendly Emboss Textured Handmade Paper Bags Set of Two Size Bags ( 5 Sets )

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Batik Texture Handmade Paper Bags in set of 2 nos

Batik textured handmade paper bags made of 100% cotton pulp with the use of cotton rags. Handmade paper with beautiful Batik texture not only giving superb texture and look but also providing good strength to take the god amount of weight. This bags can take 5 kg load very easily. The paper used in this products are wood free and natural which makes this product most Eco-friendly.

Packing :  ( 5 big bags + 5 small bags ) in a single pack. 

Key Product Feature :-

  • Big bags size - 16"(W )x 12"(H )x 4"(D)
  • Small Bags size - 8"(W )x 8"(H )x 3"(D)
  • Wood free and natural material
  • Eco-Friendly and Bio-degradable paper.
  • Skillfully texture given for wrinkle feelings
  • Big bag can take up to 5 kg weight and Small bag can take up to 2 kg very easily.
  • Availble in various colours like Blue, Yellow, Orange.
  • Perfect for gifting and personal use.

Perfectly used for :-

  • Wedding gits and favours
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Corporate events and gifts
  • Gifts for various festivals
  • Personal Gifting.

Kindly contact us for more product inquiry and customization. 

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