Eco-friendly Plantable Marigold Seed Paper cards with Envelopes set of 200 pcs

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Plantable Seed Card made of 250 GSM with Marigold seed embedded and Envelope is made of 100 GSM Plain White Eco-friendly Handmade Paper.  Envelope is of perfect size in which a card can easily inserted which makes perfect combination for any invitations. These cards gives special feeling while presenting oneself as well as it shows the persons awareness towards using environmental friendly products. While handling this card you will find special texture and natural feeling. Envelope come along with the card so no hassle to make separate envelopes. Why use of Seed Papers : "Paper Which Grows In To Plants" Paper made from 100% Genuine cotton and seeds of various plants added while making the pulp. Main Benefit of the seed paper : This type of paper most beneficial to environment. As usually paper made from wood pulp while seed paper is made from cotton pulp so its is wood free. Secondly after the use of paper or purpose of the paper wood pulp paper is polluting environment while after the use of seed paper if you plant the paper it will germinate and will grow in beautiful plant. Key Features of the seed paper : Eco-friendly Germinate in all weather, 100% Recyclable, Natural, Wood Free, Non-Toxic, Good Texture Printing : Advisable Screen Print or Letter Press Note : Image business card is just for concept understanding. Actual card will come plain white without printing on which buyer can print his own designs.

Key Product Features :-

  • Made with traditional handmade methods and with Marigold seeds in India
  • Plain White 250 GSM Card can be use in endless design concepts
  • Ability to Germinate in all weather
  • Natural and Recyclable - Truly Eco-friendly with good finish surface
  • Improve surrounding environment

Major Uses :

Invitation cards, Greeting Cards, Paper Bags, Envelops, Diaries, Note Pads, Gift Boxes Photo Frames & Much more.

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