Devraaj Eco-friendly Plantable Paper Seed Pencils - Loose Packing

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Eco-frienldy Paper Seed Pencils in Bulk. Pencils made with recycled bio degradable paper which makes it Eco-friendly. 5 Types of Seed pencils in a single pack. 5 types of seeds mainly suitable for Kitchen Gardens. Seed Pencils are perfect for writing with good n firm grip. Best for writing, drawings, making notes and gifts. Best concept for birthday gifts & corporate gifts. 

Key Specification :

  • Eco-friendly, Chemical Free, Bio-degradable Product.
  • Lead - 2B Black Graphite
  • Various type of seeds - Tomato, Coriander, Cucumber, Chili, Fenugreek, Brinjal, Mustard, Sesame, Lady Finger, Fennel - Perfect use for "Kitchen Garden"
  • Perfect for writing with good and firm grip.
  • Packing Loose -  All pencils in a single pack.

 HOW TO PLANT ? - Full Planting instruction has been printed on the box.

Major Use : 

  • A message with perfect choice of gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Corporate events, Casual kids gifts. 
  • Widely use in Offices and Schools and with all people who cares about the environment
  • Great option for return gifts
  • Perfect way to give some contribution from our side to "Mother Earth" by saving trees.

Plant it and watch it grow into various daily use plants. Push the end of the pen into soil where we can have good sunlight. Water it regularly. You can see the germination in 7 to 10 days.

Great products to teach kids about seeds, plants germination, plant life cycle and nature importance.


Note : This product  plantable pencils intended for sale in INDIA only.

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