About Us

What we are ?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Traditional handmade paper. Devraaj Handmade Paper Industries is located at Ahmedabad, India. Devraaj Group is committed to provide the quality products as per the world standards with best competitive prices with the use of good managerial skills, appropriate processes and technology. The company supports the service channel for the skilled home-bound and small producers to elevate their income and living condition.
We not only supply you with quality handmade papers but can also offer you different traditional handcrafted paper products like visiting cards, tag cards, diaries, envelops, letterheads, journals, pen stands, table tops, calendars, coaster & beer mats, paper bags, gift boxes, gift wraps, wine bottle bags, photo albums, photo frames, wraps, paper lampshades of various designs, greeting cards, etc...
We manufacture handmade paper in market standard sheet size. We offer paper in 22 inches x 30 inches (56 cm x 76 cm) and thickness of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 GSM (grams per square meter). We can also offer paper in any custom size color, thickness with any combination of Mottling or inclusions as per client’s requirements.
We regard reasonable prices, on time delivery and good after-sales service as our tenet. We wish to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits of both.

History of handmade paper

The history of Handmade Paper in India is as old as 4rth century B.C. Making paper by hand in India is a traditional art and has been passed down through the generations by craftsmen known as ‘Kagzi’. Though these traditional paper makers called `Kagzi's’ are now almost extinct, the traditional method of handmade paper making is still found in various parts of India.

Why use handmade paper ?

Handmade paper is made from cotton remnants by product of hosiery industry. More and More people around the world are opting to use Handmade paper as it has the advantage of being 100% wood free which makes it the most Eco-friendly form of paper around, 100% recyclable and no toxic chemicals acids or chlorine are used in the manufacturing of this paper.. Handmade paper is excellent for writing as well as printing. It has superior tensile, bursting, tearing and double-fold strength compared to conventional paper which makes it suitable for making Envelops, Paper Bags, and Boxes etc. The paper is solar dried, so no energy wastage. No trees are cut to make such paper, Cotton Fabric Rags, Banana fiber, jute used to make the pulp this makes it 100% eco-friendly and 100% natural. . Handmade paper seems to be the perfect thing to have come around in terms of Eco-friendly product. So handmade paper cuts down on pollution, its saves trees (and wildlife) thus contributing to a much to provide healthier environment.
We can add different colors and other waste materials like straw, grass, jute, wool, silk waste, leaves flower petals etc. while making pulp which lends beautiful artistic texture. Handmade paper can be used for different artistic and eco-friendly products like Greeting cards, Invitation Cards, Gift wrapper, Art Paper, Covers and other stationery like diaries, pen stands, table tops, letter pads, rough pads, journals, photo albums, photo frames wall paper and many more. Products manufactured from handmade paper are unique textured with beautiful traditional touch.