Why more and more people opting cotton paper on normal paper ?

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Eco-friendly Flower petal handmade paper made from cotton rags which is acid free and wood free



At present the consumption of paper has grown 400 percent in the last 40 years around the world. Now nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent. As per a Nature study conducted in 2015, estimates Earth is home to three trillion trees. It says 46 percent of the planet's trees have been cleared since the dawn of agriculture 12,000 years ago. A new study published in Nature estimates the planet has 3.04 trillion trees. The research says 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year for making paper and for other needs of human beings. For an example we are using 6% of a tree for just 500 sheets of our office copy paper. We can say that we are cutting 60000 sq.km area covered with trees (about a size of Ireland) every year for our needs. This can cause serious threat of Global Warming and we all are very well known to the may be effects of Global Warming. (Source and courtesy Quora.com and other google search data)

Can tree free paper be the option ?

YESSS, Handmade paper is made from cotton remnants by product of hosiery industry. More and More people around the world are opting cotton paper as it has the advantage of being 100% tree free which makes it the most Eco-friendly form of paper around, 100% recyclable and no toxic chemicals acids or chlorine are used in the manufacturing of this paper. We can also call it TREE FREE PAPER or COTTON PAPER. On above these all environmentally friendly characteristics most of the cotton paper is handmade thus giving huge job opportunities too. Handmade paper is excellent for writing as well as printing. It has superior tensile, bursting, tearing and double-fold strength compared to conventional paper which makes it suitable for making various designer promotional products.

Cotton fabric rags, banana fiber, jute used to make the paper pulp this makes it 100% Eco-friendly and 100% natural and the paper is solar dried, so no energy wastage. This all helps to cuts down the pollution by saving trees and wildlife thus contributing to a much to provide healthier environment. 

Can tree free paper fulfill your product needs ?

Yes, We can add different colours and other waste materials like straw, grass, jute, wool, silk waste, leaves flower petals etc. while making pulp which lends beautiful artistic texture, this characteristics makes the paper much customizable. Paper comes in various designs and GSM to fulfill your all design needs. Handmade Paper can be used to make different artistic and Eco-friendly products like Paper Bags, Gift wrapping paper, Gift boxes, Greeting cards, Invitation Cards, Art Paper, Covers and other stationery like diaries, Files, Folders, pen stands, table tops, letter pads, rough pads, journals, photo albums, photo frames wall paper and many more. Products manufactured from tree free paper are unique textured & will give you a natural touch.

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