Gift Wrapping Flower Petal Handmade Paper Sheets set of 5 sheets

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Devraaj handmade flower petal papers are 100% Eco-friendly product. This paper is handmade and made from cotton pulp with real flower petals embedded. Paper having 100 gsm thickness which give you best bend ability and though best suitable for product making, writing, printing and gift wrapping. Flower petal paper made with real flower petals which gives very nice textured and natural look. Standard paper comes in size of 22"x30" which is sufficient to cover large sizes product making like boxes, packets & gifts. Gift wrapping paper come along with heart shape plantable seed paper tags. Tags are 2"x2" size which is most suitable for writing greeting words. These tags you can plant and in few days you will have new plant also.


Key Product Feature :-

  • Made with traditional handmade methods In India.
  • Embedded with real flower petals
  • 22"x30" size with 100 gsm paper can be use in endless design concepts come along with plantable tags
  • Wood Free, Natural, Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable paper.
  • Good texture and natural look best for wrapping.
  • Improve surrounding environment

Major Uses :-

Gift wrapping, Gift boxes, Paper bags, Diaries & Notepads, Envelopes, Letter heads and other end less uses.


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