Tri Colour Heart Shape Plantable Seed Balls in pack of

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Plantable seed balls/bombs made of 100% Eco-friendly cotton pulp. Variety of live seed added in pulp while making the balls. These plantable hearts embedded with golden Shower Tree Seeds. Cotton pulp is bio-degradable material as after you plant the ball anywhere the cotton pulp will degrade in soil and seeds will germinate and will give a beautiful plant withing few days. A pack consists of 50 nos of seed balls.

Key Features :

  • Eco-Friendly and Bio-degradable product.
  • Good quality seeds that can germinate in all weather so get your own tree from your own tri colour hearts.
  • Perfect and attractive product for gifting in Birthdays, Corporate Events, Any Social and NGO promotions, Festival gifts
  • Long time remembrance while improving surrounding environment as well.
  • Create excitement in all age people specially children.

Note : Coir Pot shown in the picture is not a part of selling product. Only the seed balls are available for sell.

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